Structural Strengthening

The start of structural strengthening begins with an evaluation of “What, Where and Why” a structure needs additional strength. The “What” could be anything from a small slab of concrete to a multiple-story high-rise. It also involves selecting the right material for your specific structure, which is a vital part in this process. The “Where” is where our expertise will come into play. Quinn will evaluate the structure to ensure where structural strengthening is needed to make the building meet the owner’s needs. Finally the “Why” comes down to the needs of the owner. These needs could be the result of natural deterioration, construction errors, blast mitigation or seismic conditions (natural disasters/rain/weather, etc.) or the need to meet building code.

Through the outcome of the many projects Quinn has completed, it is obvious we can meet the “What’s,” “Where’s” and “Why’s” of structural strengthening. Whether your needs are to increase the capacity of your concrete or to meet code, Quinn has the knowledge and experience to make your structure continue on with its purpose.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Composite Strengthening
  • Carbon-Fiber Reinforcing
  • Steel Plating